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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Leukemia Cup 2011 - River Dunes, NC

Last Saturday and Sunday were the LEUKEMIA CUP for us out here in Eastern North Carolina and I had a great time! Over $90k raised for L&L Society and some great racing to boot! Not so much on Saturday as the wind died out faster than Charlie Sheen's future (Sorry Charlie, love your work), but Sunday turned out great! Winds averaging over 10 knots and a great line-up!

River Dunes has a Yahoo! Flickr where the photo stream has been saved:

Thank you to the L&L Society and River Dunes for a fantastic event! I for one look forward to (hope for) future LEUKEMIA CUP events in our area.

Accepting 3rd place in JAM Division with Capt Pete Ritchie.
(Photo Courtesy of

About to round the mark aboard the S2 7.9 "USA" just in front of a Viper 640
(Photo Courtesy of River Dunes)

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